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Fuck. I’m way too emotionally invested in this relationship and yesterday, I didn’t even know who they were.
- Me, with nearly every celebrity.


If I see even a smidgen of John hate on my dash — I won’t hesitate on hitting the unfollow button. I won’t fucking tolerate any John hate. 

John was not a bad father. 

John was not abusive. 

John made mistakes and he did what he could to raise the boys right — even if that meant that he needed help from Bobby. 

You want to hate on John? Then don’t talk to me. It’s my firm belief that John had a hard time after Mary died, but he did not abuse his boys, in any way shape or form. 

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Yes, yes you are. Don't forget I won't hesitate to put you in a muzzle.

    — “Just you try it.”

           ”I’ll bite you before you can even move.”

Warning: Do not approach if not armed with pie!

    — “My favorite is Peach Cobbler with French Vanilla ice cream.” 

           ”Just… for future reference.”

Warning: Small parts. Choking hazard. Unsafe for children under 3.

    — “Why… Why would children under three be choking on my hazardly large parts?”

Warning: Is a whiny bitch approach with caution.


    — “Oh, but now, everyone knows that I’m your little bitch.”

Warning: Dean is very angry in the morning. It is much safer to allow Sam to wake him.

    — “Where the fuck is my coffee?”

            “Why are you waking me up without coffee?”

WARNING! This person is highly dangerous, due to levels of awesomeness. Interact at your own risk!

    — “Finally, somebody who appreciates me.”

Warning: Poor impulse control, daddy issues inside

    — “Hey, my impulse control is superb.”

           ”Because right now, I’ve got the impulse to punch you. But I’m controlling it.”

Warning Label: Freckled bafoon who think he knows about everything and their mama, if out of control, use wooden spoon. For more information please call Missouri Moseley

    — “Charming, Missouri.”




Fine then, consider this an invitation that if I gotta go the rest of my life like this - then you should get my initials on you.

Charm? You don’t have any charm. You have pheromones.

Oh yeah, thank you so-oo much.


Yeah, that’s not happening.

I have charm and pheromones. All you have are hormones.

Oh, it’s happening, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

I don’t need you or your knot. I’ll start taking suppressants. See how you like it when I start sleeping in another bed, too.

I have manners, good looks and hormones.

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"You don't look so bad to me."


     Well then —

     ”I’m meaner than I look.”