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Evil Angel; Breaking Benjamin

Castiel wasn’t the same Angel that Dean met. He was altered; changed. He had a darkness that swam through his limbs, a void of all light that many dubbed as an evil. But Dean accepted that darkness, embracing it.

Dean no longer had a Guardian Angel within Castiel.

Castiel was Evil, though still in possession of his Halo (Well, Dean thought, it might be covered in black goo now). But if there was one thing that he was sure about, it was that he was the faith holding Castiel together, and vice versa. 

As much as a killer as Castiel was, as dark and inhumane and sometimes heedless - he was the light in Dean. His salvation.


"Watch out where you’re goin’, dude, I have a hot coffee with no lid and, oh yeah, it burns."


"Huh." Dean humphed, "Y’don’t say." Rolling his eyes, he continued, "You always were so genius, Captain Obvious." he mumbled as he turned to walk away.

Daddy, can Tony Walker take me to the movies tomorrow night?

Dean pulled a face. Tony Walker? He didn’t remember hearing that name before. “Depends.” He ticked his eyes up to raise an eyebrow at his oldest. “Is he gonna come here and ask me if he can take you?”

[Shower Meme]: Jess doesn't even care that Dean's naked. She doesn't even care that she's clothed when she pulls him, soaking against her, tucks his face against her neck because he's so much taller than her, especially standing in the tub. The water splashing off of him makes her hair and the sleeve of her shirt heavy but she says nothing for a long while before she leans back a little, pushing the soapy strands of his hair out of his eyes. "Rinse off. I'll make coffee."

Dean doesn’t hear her - he doesn’t even think anyone is home since he watched them leave for dinner a few hours prior - so he doesn’t expect Jess to suddenly rip the curtain back and hug him like he hasn’t been hugged in years, let alone be welcomed and accepted to cry on her.

'Cry' is too soft of a word. She caught him in the middle of sobbing, self loathing up on the highest notch; his body is shivering - shuddering from the force of them and it takes a good while for them to calm into hiccups.

He nods his face against her palms, voice roughed from the wails as he agrees with her words. “‘Kay.”